25 Beloved Adoption Quotes

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Sara Stubbert May 06, 2015

Adoption is the opportunity of a lifetime. There is no greater calling than that of parenthood. Sometimes it helps to know that others understand our struggles through their quotes. Adoption quotes help lift our spirits. It takes faith, courage, hope, and lots of love to raise a child. But adoption is also a long process. So whether you’re lost in mounds of paperwork, or burning the midnight oil watching your new child, check out these inspiring adoption quotes.

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Sara Stubbert

Sara is a mama of 4, wife, designer, owner of a baby accessory business called Trulaaluu, international adoption advocate, Lupus fighter, Mormon, writer, runner, traveler, and lover of life. She has a great weakness for Coke and all chocolate products. Hence the importance of the running thing. Her youngest two children were born in Ethiopia, which she thinks is about the coolest thing ever.

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