My girlfriend and I are proud parents of a beautiful two year old girl. When we found out she was pregnant again, we knew we couldn’t take care of another child. We found a couple on Parent Profiles about five months into the pregnancy but decided they were not the family for us. Then my girlfriend’s cousin said she would adopt the baby and for the next four months we were preparing for it, then two weeks before the due date she backed out. I decided to get back on Parent Profiles to see if I could find someone else on short notice. I selected a family nearby and my girlfriend called them that night. Once they spoke, my girlfriend said how excited she was and that they would be great parents. After meeting them a couple of days before she went into labor and spending several days with them at the hospital I knew she was right. The smiles on their faces warmed my heart and I know they will be a happy family.

My girlfriend and I both agree little Michael is the best gift we have ever given. We are at ease knowing you are his parents and we will never forget you. And thank you Parent Profiles for making it so easy.