How would you react when first meeting your birth mother or birth daughter? What would your emotions be at that moment? Meribeth and Angela shared their first meeting and their story of overcoming obstacles of finding each other on Good Morning America.

Angela was a teenage mother who chose to place her daughter for adoption. Angela did not even see her daughter, Meribeth, after her birth. Making the decision to place a child for adoption is not an easy decision, and it was not easy for Angela. Not ever even seeing her daughter made it even more emotional for Angela.

Meribeth was adopted and grew up in a loving home, became an adult, and had three children of her own. However, in the back of her mind, she always wondered about her biological family. Meribeth stated that it was especially hard for her during her teenage years, as those are the years when many children struggle with their identity and try to “figure out” who they are.

As an adult, Meribeth searched online for any leads about her biological family, but without any positive results. But then one day, on the MyHeritage website, Meribeth had a match. It connected her to the woman it said was her biological mother.

Angela had also wanted to connect with Meribeth. She had gone on to have three children after Meribeth.

“Good Morning America” arranged a reunion between Meribeth and Angela. Not only did they get to meet, but Angela was able to meet Meribeth’s family, and Meribeth was able to meet her three biological siblings.

It was a reunion many years in the making. Angela and Meribeth credited MyHeritage for the reunion. Reunions can be so valuable for everyone involved, bringing closure and answering the many questions they may have experienced.

Watch their reunion here.