Devondrick and Eliajah, 10 and 13, are looking for a family, with or without kids that can provide them with a stable, loving environment. Devondrick tends to be quiet and shy at first, but he becomes funny and outgoing once he gets to know you. He is very athletic and loves team sports. He has played baseball, football, and basketball. Devondrick is competitive in nature and is confident in his abilities as a player. He does well in all his subjects at school but really excels in math. He aspires to be a police officer one day.

Eliajah has a good sense of humor and loves to be around other children. He likes to watch TV and play outside. Eliajah used to play baseball, but he would really like the opportunity to play soccer. His foster mom says he has a big heart and is quick to help with household chores. Eliajah makes good grades in school.

The brothers have a loving, close relationship with each other as well as with the rest of their family. Understanding of their situation would be greatly appreciated. The boys have an open adoption agreement that an adopting family would have to be willing to follow. The agreement stipulates 3 visits with their mother in Massachusetts as well as 4 visits a year with their father. Devondrick and Eliajah have a biological sister who is important to them as well that they would want to maintain a relationship with.

In order to adopt from foster care, you must be over 18 and be able to prove stable income. Applications will be considered from single, married, or partnered; experienced or not; renters or homeowners; LGBTQ singles and couples. Foster adoption requires training, interviews, and home visits. For further info, visit the Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange at