This Christmas proved to be one Kieron Graham will never forget. This year, the 20-year-old was able to reunite with his birth family, including his brother Vincent Ghant, who, as it turns out, attends the same college that Graham does. Not only do the pair both take classes at Georgia’s Kennesaw University, but they are both majoring in political science. It’s crazy to think of how many times they may have passed each other on campus without ever knowing or even wondering about their connection.

In addition to meeting Vincent, Graham has also been able to reunite with his birth mother, Shawn Ghant, and his younger brother, Christian. Surprisingly, they only live about 15 minutes away from each other. Later Graham was also able to meet his birth father and another brother, though that side of his family lives about two hours away. When speaking about his opportunity to reunite with his birth family and their initial meetings, Graham said, “It was pretty much all I could wish for.”

Graham’s parent had made sure he’d known he was adopted since he was little. His birth mother, Shawn placed him for adoption when he was just three months old. She had often wondered how his life played out. Graham had always been open with his adoptive family about his curiosity concerning his biological family. His adoptive mom gave him an Ancestry DNA test as an early Christmas gift. His results came back showing an “Extremely High” confidence of a 1st cousin match. After some digging, Graham was sure that his match was, in fact, his brother, Vincent. He reached out to his newfound relative through Facebook.

“It’s all surreal,” Graham said, “too many emotions to adequately describe exactly what I’m feeling about the entire situation.” Kieron and Vincent have been spending lots of time together since their first meeting. No doubt the young men are making up for lost time.