Adoption is like a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs, many joys, and many tears. There will be stress and hardships often, but the end result will be the happiness given by the love of a child. There are many celebrities who have adopted, one being Charlize Theron. She is the mother of two children and adopted her son in 2012 and her daughter in 2015.

In a recent interview, Charlize discussed the many emotions that she experienced with the adoption of her children. She shared her emotional story, recounting some of the very hard times she went through in the adoption process when things didn’t go as planned.

Charlize had a heart and passion for adoption at a very young age. Growing up as a child in South Africa, she would ask her mother if they could visit the children in orphanages. Later as an adult, her passion to adopt intensified. She knew that no matter her circumstance, she was going to adopt, whether she was in a relationship or single, whether she was able to have children biologically or not. Charlize states in her Today Show interview, “I was always aware that there are so many children in this world who don’t have families….I never saw a difference in raising an adopted child versus my own biological child. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything.”

It takes a village to raise any child. Charlize learned this firsthand while being a single mother to two young children. Her own mother helps out taking care of the children when Charlize needs extra hands and assistance. She warns that it is important not to try to be a “supermom” and that it is okay to ask for help.

She also warns about society and how others will perceive and judge you as a mother. Charlize discusses that, as an adoptive mother, she gets rude comments, but she advises to not take them personally.

Adoption is an emotional and hard process. You need strength, determination, love, and passion, as Charlize has, to conquer all the ups and downs adoption will bring your way.