What started as a lullaby for one father’s little girl is now available for the world to hear.

Garth Smith of Oceanside, California wrote “Megan’s Lullaby” for the first child he and his wife adopted in the early 90s.

It wasn’t an easy road for the Smith family. In the years leading to Megan’s adoption, they experienced multiple miscarriages, including a pregnancy with twin boys. That’s when they decided to grow their family through adoption. First, they adopted Megan, who was placed with them as an eleven-week-old baby in 1991. Years later, the couple adopted Susana, their second daughter, through foster care.

Smith said he wrote the song when his first daughter was six months old.

“It’s a song that’s been sung and enjoyed in our family ever since,” he said.

His purpose in releasing “Megan’s Lullaby” is to inspire others who are contemplating adoption to take the next step.

While the song’s video shows the adoption experience from the perspective of adoptive parents, Smith says he hopes the message of “Megan’s Lullaby” is treasured by any person who has a baby or small child in his or her life.

Smith is an artist in the LDS Music genre and has released four albums in the past four years. More of his music can be found here.

Watch the music video for “Megan’s Lullaby” here.

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