No adoption journey is completely smooth. Whether the adoption is domestic or international, private or agency, newborn or older child, there will be ups and downs. Adoption is always a roller coaster ride. So how does one handle the ups and downs? Advice from this panel of four adoptive parents includes:

  1. Open communication between parents is vital. Beyond that, communicating your needs to close friends and family will be paramount to successful navigation of the adoption journey.
  2. Remember your other interests. Sometimes it’s best to step out of the adoption world and remember what other things are worth your time.
  3. Focus on current relationships. While continuing to work toward adoption, do not neglect your friendships, your relationships with other children, and your spouse. This will help equalize the ups and downs of adoption.
  4. Seek out others who have been through adoption. There are people who have made it through failed adoptions. There are people who have felt your emotions. Support groups and friends who have been on the roller coaster of adoption can help you keep perspective and can offer much needed comfort.