Joe and Joey have been on their adoption journey for over a year now. They were ecstatic when, just a few short months ago, they received the call. The agency told them they had been selected by a birth mother. Everything escalated quickly in preparation for their baby girl to arrive. It was textbook ideal. The fathers were even in the delivery room, cutting the umbilical cord and being the first to hold their precious daughter.

The next morning, the social worker walked into their hospital room with devastating news. The mother had changed her mind.

Theirs is the story of many adoptive parents. But like others, Joe and Joey are resilient. They’ve not only decided to begin the process again, but they’re pouring their whole heart, souls, and talents into the adventure. Knowing that there is a divine plan for everyone, they believe theirs includes a family–and they are firmly working on helping that plan come to pass.

It is their hope that viewers will enjoy their creative Dear Future Baby music video so much that it will be shared over and over again until it reaches the birth mother who knows they are the perfect parents for her child. So sit back, watch, tap your feet, sing along, and then share!