A Guide to the Differences Between Direct Placement and Agency Adoption

Learn the differences between direct placement and agency adoption

Susan Kuligowski May 14, 2015

Those wishing to adopt soon discover that it’s a journey with many routes to what often seems like a distant destination. Two of the most common types of adoption are agency adoption and direct placement adoption, also known as “private” or “independent” adoption.  While there is a common thread of procedure for all adoptions, both domestic and international, these paths have several differences. It is helpful to better understand these differences before deciding on the direction that’s right for you. Knowing the differences brings courage in the adoption process.

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Susan Kuligowski

Sue Kuligowski is a staff storyteller at Adoption.com. The mother of two girls through adoption, she is a proposal coordinator, freelance writer/editor, and a adoption advocate. When she's not writing or editing, she can be found supervising sometimes successful glow-in-the-dark experiments, chasing down snails in the backyard, and attempting to make sure her girls are eating more vegetables than candy.

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