When asked what the biggest hindrance of adoption is for families, many would say the cost. At a glance, the price can be overwhelming, but that shouldn’t stop anyone feeling called to adopt. According to Vickie Truelove, director of Hand in Hand International Adoptions, “Though adoptions can total anywhere from a minimal expense through the foster care system to more than $50,000 for intercountry adoptions, there are resources and programs to offset costs associated with the process.”

Vickie, who primarily works with international adoption, stated that most families don’t have the full adoption amount when starting the process.  And that is okay. There are also other adoption paths that are less expensive and many resources available to families to help with the costs.

One path is to adopt from foster care, which has minimal expenses.

Some states also have adoption tax credits, and there is the federal adoption tax credit as well. Look into what you need to do claim these credits when you file your taxes.

Families can also pay for their adoption through fundraisers. For example, when Michael and Anna DiSanto adopted their daughter, they raised practically the entire amount through fundraising, including selling pulled pork, chicken, and laundry detergent.  However, it was noted that some countries do not allow fundraising to cover adoption costs.

Even though high, it is important that the family does not get overwhelmed by the costs.  Do your research and be prepared. First, research the type of adoption you wish to pursue; domestic, international, foster care. Each type of adoption has different costs. Then, research the costs associated with that type of adoption. Prepare for these costs. There should be no costs that come as a surprise. Having this knowledge ahead of time will allow you to save and plan accordingly. Most agencies  or attorneys should provide you with a cost sheet before you start the process.

This adoption article lists the various adoption costs and the average costs for the different types of adoption; i.e. agency, attorney, international.

Yes, the amount of adoption can be overwhelming, but if you feel called, do not allow that to hinder you.