Adoption Fundraising Guide

A few tips on raising money for your adoption.

Jeanette Green March 26, 2015

So you want to adopt. That’s pretty exciting. Maybe you’ve just started your paperwork; maybe you have been waiting for what feels like a really, really long time; and maybe you’re somewhere in between. Chances are, no matter where you are in your journey, you have thought about money. Adoption is undoubtedly filled with an incredible amount of joy. However, there is a lot of mental, emotional, and—it’s true—financial stress that comes along with it as well.

Because of this financial stress, fundraising has become an increasingly popular way for adoptive families to raise the funds they need to complete their families. In the following guide you will find information that will help you get started on your path to adoption fundraising. Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions to assist you as you begin creating your own fundraiser. Slides 1-3 will give you background information about adoption expenses, slides 4-12 will give you steps to creating a fundraising event, slides 13-17 explain how to set up an online fundraising campaign, and slides 18-21 are final points to remember as you set forth on your personal adoption fundraising endeavor. Fundraising takes time. Fundraising takes a lot of effort. But fundraising can help the parents make their adoption dreams a reality.

Are you considering growing your family through domestic infant adoption? For a free and confidential consultation with an adoption professional, click here.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed about financing your adoption, click here to learn about fundraising options or click here to learn about your loan options.

Online Platform: Receiving Funds
2. Online Platform: Receiving Funds

If you set up a campaign at Adoption Fundraising and no one donates during the allotted time, no harm done. However, if you do receive donations, your PayPal account will immediately be credited. Just like in other sites, there is a small fee that is taken from the amount before it is placed in your account. When the time has expired after 120 days, your campaign will be removed from the website. For more information about how it works, visit the website.

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Jeanette Green

Jeanette Green is a mother to three beautiful children--two through the blessing of adoption. She is a firm believer that we never walk alone, the sun continues to shine even when we can’t feel its rays, and you can’t get sick from raw cookie dough. Various life experiences have taught her that life never turns out like we expect. But if we’re patient, we learn that it’s better that way. To learn more about Jeanette and her crew, visit The Green Piece

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