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There is a new spinoff series featuring the rough and rugged, zany and crazy, fun-loving, God-fearing Robertson family. “Growing the Dynasty” features the youngest dynasty son, Jep, and his wife, Jessica, along with their children. The youngest of their children is little Gus, who was recently adopted. According to Jessica, “It really was on my heart for many, many years and probably when River was about three or four I was like, ‘Oh I just feel like this is something we need to do.’ The more opportunities that were presented as far as helping the less fortunate or around in our neighborhoods or, you know, going overseas . . . the urge got heavier and heavier.”  But it was just a year ago that Jep came on board and urged the motion forward to adopt.

The entire family is thrilled with this addition. Gus’ siblings—Lilly (12), Merritt (10), Priscilla (9), and River (7)—can’t get enough of this dark-skinned, sweet boy. And the extended Robertson family is just as pleased. Jep and Jessica aren’t the first to adopt in this family. Jep’s brother, Willie, and his wife Korie have fostered and adopted children. Most recently, they were blessed to adopt their 13-year-old foster son.

Jep and Jessica met and married in 2001, then were blessed every couple of years with a new child.  Now, they’re excited as they grow their family through adoption.  Recognizing the great need both domestically and internationally for children without families to be cared for, they also recognized that they are truly blessed for having little Gus in their lives.

If you’re interested in adding a child to your family through domestic infant adoption, click here to speak with an adoption professional.