Opened in 2001, the Family to Family Adoption Agency was created to help birth mothers and hopeful adoptive families who might have more difficulty adopting than most. Since its inception, 376 children have been adopted through the efforts of Family to Family. About 30% of the families helped are non-traditional. Some are older couples, some are single, and some are same-sex couples.

They have also put great effort into helping educate young birth mothers. Through the education offered by Family to Family, some birth mothers are able to parent their children because they have been given opportunities — through education — to provide for their children. Others, who are also grateful for the education received, still choose to place their babies. But they are doing so in an educated way.

A third goal of the agency is to educate prospective adoptive families with presentations, questions and answer sessions, and opportunities to visit in a social atmosphere with seasoned adoptive families. These conferences are held three times a year and attendance is required for all adoptive parents using the Family to Family services.

The agency is a full-service agency that also provides the needed information and forms for home studies and other requirements.