A story of triumph and love. That is the story of Joel De Carteret. One morning, when he was five years old, upon his awakening went looking for his mother who had already left for work. He wandered their village and market looking for his mother. He never found her but a man noticed he was lost and took him to a local orphanage. Joel stated, “I was so lucky that a decent man saw that this boy was lost. He had a choice where to take advantage or do the right thing. Without him, who knows where I could have ended up.”

Joel was eventually eligible for international adoption and adopted by an Australian woman, Julie De Carteret and her partner. He had a wonderful childhood, but always felt something was missing and wanted to find his biological mother. Therefore, he traveled back to his original homeland, the Philippines.

After almost a month there of searching, someone came forward with a photograph of a little boy, a photograph of Joel. Julie stated, “When we gave that photo a second look, a really good look, there’s this little boy in this photo that could be nobody else but Joel.”

Joel found his biological mother. He later traveled back to the Philippines with Julie to meet his biological mother. Julie stated, “I always knew there was another woman out there who loved him. I’m lucky to have him but I’m really sorry that she hasn’t been a part of his life.”

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