With over 800 Florida foster children currently waiting to be adopted, the government is working toward passing an incentive bill that could help adoptive families financially.

Speaking to The News Service of Florida, sponsor of the bill, Senator Don Gaetz said, “If we’re going to spend money, and we ought to, on children who have lost their families through one form of tragedy, cruelty or another, let’s spend the money to try to increase adoptions.”

A similar program began in 2000, but was repealed 10 years later because of the recession. This bill would provide a one-time cash payment to state employees who adopt through the foster system of $5,000 per child, with an additional $5,000 if the adopted child has a disability.

To some it appears that the state is “selling children,” but proponents of the bill know that adoptive families are inundated with expenses upon adoption. Expenses include, but are not limited to furniture, clothing, vehicles, and food. Many hopeful adoptive parents are held back because of costs involved. With a bill that offers financial help, more families will be able to move forward in opening their homes and their hearts to deserving children.

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