An off-shoot of Fresh Start Surgeries in San Diego, the Fresh Start Caring for Kids Foundation kicked off their lifetime of giving in June with its very first surgery day. Foster child, Michael Harris, was one of the recipients of this day of giving.

Michael is the foster child of Debby and Jim Harris. Through the years, the couple has taken in many foster children with medical issues, some of whom they have adopted. Grateful for the Fresh Start Caring for Kids Foundation, Michael isn’t the only one of their foster children to receive treatment. One of their teen foster kids received medical treatment for a procedure to repair his cleft lip and palate.

The foundation holds several surgery days a year, inviting medical professionals of all specialties to volunteer their time. In addition to the surgery days, long term help is also provided when needed. For example, speech therapy is needed after a cleft palate repair. There are many surgeries that require several procedures, months apart. The foundation is dedicated to providing as much care as is required to fix the medical issues.

Foster and adoptive parents — as well as parents of any child needing special medical surgery — may apply for a grant on behalf of the child.

The non-profit foundation also welcomes help beyond medical volunteers. For those interested in donating time or money, the website lists several opportunities.