Full Circle: Man Returns To The Village Where He Was Once Kidnapped And Sold To An Orphanage

Now that he has been reunited with his biological family, Taj Rowland is sharing his story with the world.

Rachel Galbraith September 26, 2016

Taj Rowland’s story is one that must be told. Though it stems from a foreign land with unfamiliar smells, sounds, and textures, it is a story that everyone can relate to. It is a story of a lost boy, searching for his home and his family. It is a story of tragedy, and a story of hope.

Taj spent eighteen years in pursuit of his true identity—and through God’s whispers, he was led home. The fact that this short video clip exists is miraculous. Most of the main characters were played by Taj’s biological family members: people he never knew, but ached to know. By God’s grace, Taj now knows them. He was able to watch as the very people and village he was stolen from were able to reenact his kidnapping. It was an emotional scene for an adult Taj to witness and to remember. So many emotions were brought to the surface: fear, sadness, loneliness, but also gratitude and joy. He had been on a miraculous journey, far from home. Yet, here he was, back where it all began.

To learn more of Taj’s story, and learn more about the book that tells his complete story, please visit www.TheOrphanKeeper.com.

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Rachel Galbraith

Rachel Galbraith is a busy mother of five children, one of whom was adopted at birth. She has a Bachelors Degree in social work, and has worked as a medical social worker, specializing in the field of women and children. She was privileged to play a small role in the adoptions that often took place on her hospital unit. Writing has become her own personal form of therapy, and she is excited to combine it with her love of adoption. In her free time, she has a love-hate relationship with distance running. She readily admits to doing it only so she can eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.

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