If you are passionate about something it is important to endorse it and make it be a priority. State representatives or senators hold the power to make changes and revamp a system that is burdensome. Georgia recognizes the need for revamping their adoption system and procedures. Their House and Senate are starting a new year and looking to have adoption regulations in the forefront of the state laws.

House Speaker David Ralston is announcing that he hopes this year of legislation will include a balanced budget as well as a focus on adoption laws. According to Fox news, the House passed an adoption law last year,  but it got stalled in the Senate. He hopes to see an adoption bill passed this year.  At issue is that some Senators do not support adoption by the LGBTQ community.

The adoption law that was looked at last year would have been the first change in Georgia’s adoption law in over 17 years. It would have smoothed the adoption process; however, it was halted in the senate when an amendment was made to the bill and not passed. The amendment would have allowed private adoption agencies to not place children with the LGBTQ community.

Adoption legislation is very important, not only in Georgia, but in all states. Adoption is a constantly and continually changing area which demands that the needs of those involved in the adoption triad be evaluated and adoption laws changed accordingly. More children would be adopted if the process would be more streamlined. It would also be helpful if the adoption process was less complicated when crossing state lines.

It is important for all states to address their adoption laws and it is refreshing that Georgia has recognized the need for their state. It is good to see legislators like David Ralston making this issue a priority for the state, one that will benefit children and adoptive parents and families. In a local article, State Senator Chuck Payne stated, “it bothers me to think that there are loving parents wanting to make a child part of their family and the bureaucracy is standing in the way.”