I just wanted you to know that Adoption.com Parent Profiles is fantastic. It helped us find the right parents for our amazing little boy. Here is our story.


When my boyfriend and I found out that I was pregnant, we didn’t know what to do. We were going through a hard time in our relationship and had no plans on having a baby. Although we considered the “other” options, we both knew that we could not do that. On Christmas day we decided that adoption was our best option. We found your website and started browsing the profiles. We knew what we wanted our child to have, what was important to us. We searched forever it seemed. We finally found a select few profiles that we liked and emailed them all that day. We received emails and phone calls from all of them. Finally we made a decision. They were perfect. Everything that we wanted for our baby’s parents to be. We gave them the news and they were so happy. We continued to talk on the phone a couple times a week and I was actually on the phone with her when my water broke. On May 14th I gave birth to a beautiful boy. We are so happy that our beautiful baby boy has a great home, and even better parents. And we know that he will be loved so much. And all this was possible because of Parent Profiles.. I know that we have given a miracle to these 2 wonderful people. They had waited so long and they finally got their blessing. I hope that everyone is as happy as they are.