This video, Gloriously Ruined, was created by members of Fotolanthropy, and shares the touching story of Wynne and Stephen Elder on their journey through infertility to adoption.  Just married, and planning out their lives, the Elders knew exactly how they wanted things to happen.  A couple of years into their marriage, they felt that it was time to start trying to have children. 

A year or so later, fighting discouragement at not conceiving, a friend mentioned adoption to Wynne.  She nearly scoffed at the idea, but the thought wouldn’t leave her.  This video shows the process of both Wynne’s and Stephen’s hearts being turned to welcome what they now believe is the Lord’s desire for them.  Of this glorious experience, Wynne writes on her blog:   “Our lives look totally different. We are changed. And it’s all because we committed to pray about growing our family through adoption. I can’t imagine where we’d be if God would have said YES to my prayer before I could say YES to His much greater plan. It’s an adventure. Will you join us?”

Fotolanthropy is a non-profit organization made up of professional photographers and filmmakers who donate their time and resources to captures stories such as Wynne’s and Stephen’s.  They find individuals and groups who inspire by overcoming adversity.  Inspirational story nominations are accepted on their website.