Politics is a very tricky subject. Many people say things to not discuss include religion and politics. But in this case, it is very important to bring it up. People need to fight to save things they believe in. And one very important thing is the adoption tax credit.

Initially, the tax plan proposed by the Republican party cut the adoption tax credit. But fortunately, it was recently announced that they have decided to keep it. This adjustment is due to the huge outpouring of support of the tax credit from Americans.

The tax credit is something that many families rely on when tackling the high costs associated with adopting a child. As mentioned on Save the Adoption Tax Credit, it is a financial “lifeline” for adoptive families. “As the legislative process for tax reform moves forward,” the site continues, “Congress should ensure that any final bill maintains the current availability and amount of the adoption tax credit for all Americans that currently qualify. Anything less would result in Congress picking winner and losers among children and their families”.

Adoption plays an essential role in helping ensure the well-being of children in our country, and finances should not deter families from adopting. Our government and society should do everything in their power to support families wanting to adopt. While advocating for families and waiting children is important, it is also important to financially support as well as make adoption easier for these families.

New York Post article suggests ways to make adoption easier. They recommend taking steps such as educating the public, encouraging more prospective adoptive families to become foster parents, working to re-open foreign countries that are closed to international adoptions, and increasing the tax credit for people who adopt children who are older or have special needs.