It takes a true hero to parent a child with special needs.  To knowingly adopt a child with HIV is a whole new ballpark.

The couple in this video demonstrate an inspirational perspective in looking for the beauty in all things. I love the excitement they show in getting to meet their child– combined with the child’s visible anxiety to find a home with a family who loved him no matter what.

This video shows that, despite doubts and discouragement from others (like those expressed by the doctor in the video), the right family can ensure that even a child with HIV can be happy, play, and enjoy life–just like any other child. shows that worldwide nearly 16 million children under the age of 18 are orphaned because of HIV/AIDS. It also says that HIV/AIDS can not be transferred by toilet seat, shared cups, etc. It is not a contact exchange. disease. HIV/AIDS has the same amount of treatment as you would need with Type I Diabetes.

(And as you can tell from the subtitle, the excitement from the other siblings is a definite plus and adds to the “cute” factor.)

Every child is loveable.  Every child deserves a family.