LDS Adoption Guide

Are you LDS and considering adoption? This is your guide to finding and using the resources available to you in your adoption.

Rachel Skousen March 02, 2015

Adoption is an institution that is upheld by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as a means of providing children with stable, loving families and access to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

If you’re interested in domestic infant adoption, speak with an adoption professional about your adoption options.

Famous LDS Adoptive/Foster Parents
2. Famous LDS Adoptive/Foster Parents

Did you know these Latter-day Saints are adoptive or foster parents?

- Richard Paul Evans, New York Times bestselling author and father of an adopted daughter.

- Ben Romney, son of former governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney, and father of an adopted son.

- Marie Osmond, singer, actress, television personality and mother of five adopted children.

- Aaron and Lychelle Day, owners of the Blue Lemon franchise and parents of two adopted brothers.

- Brandon Doman, former football player for BYU and in the NFL, now a coach at BYU, and an adoptive father.

- Glen Beck, radio and TV talk show host, and an adoptive dad.

- Richie (speaker, author) and Natalie Norton (photographer), parents of three foster children.

- Jack Gerard, CEO of the American Petroleum Institute, President of Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, Executive Board Chair, Area Seventy, and an adoptive dad.

- Ashley Lemieux, author of the Shine Project and legal guardian of two little ones.

- Amy Twitty, blogger, shop owner, and a hopeful adoptive mother.

- Kami Bigler, blogger and adoptive mama.

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