Popular Indian Celebrity, known by her fans as simply Hansika, puts her money to good use. With a philanthropic heart, Hansika adopts orphans every year on her birthday. Until 2013 she adopted one or two children each year, but on her birthday in 2014 she adopted 5 more children.

But where to house this huge family? Joyous news for Hansika and her huge family of 28 adopted children. Hansika just acquired a large piece of land near Mumbai. Construction will begin later this year in this peaceful part of the country, thus fulfilling one of Hansika’s dreams of building a house large enough to provide comfortable living quarters for her family.

As a mother to these 28 kids, Hansika provides not only food and shelter, but also provides for their education. Earmarking a percentage of her earnings to help others, there continues to be availability for more additions to her family.

Hansika not only cares for orphans, but also for adults in need as well. She has plans to build a home for senior citizens in the future. Additionally, Hansika is currently covering the medical costs for ten women who have breast cancer.

In a world where fame and fortune makes gluttons out of many, Hansika is a gorgeous example to us all.