At any given time there are over 200 children in foster care on the island of Guam. There is great need for loving foster homes, as there are currently fewer than 30 licensed foster care providers on Guam. The Harvest House reaches out, inviting the community to get involved either by donations or by becoming licensed providers themselves. They currently have a “closet” filled with items a foster child may need when being removed from a home. Items include clothing, school supplies, and more.

The Harvest House also gives a Christmas gift to every foster child annually. The gift includes a backpack and school supplies for the new year. The organization relies on the help of many volunteers, but are currently looking for a part time employee to help with the organizing of events and provisions.

Bethany Taylor is the director of The Harvest House. She and her husband have taken over 20 foster children into their home in the past five years. They recognize the great need and encourage others to do the same. They also recognize that once a child is reunited with his/her biological family, support is needed for both parents and children. Because of this, with reunification as one of their goals, they welcome donations that will go toward providing a facility for training, counseling, and support to take place.