Hill Harper is an actor, an author, and a philanthropist. He has starred on the show CSI:NY and most recently the film All Eyez On Me. His biggest role, though, has been to his adopted son, Pierce.

Harper had always envisioned having a large family. He had always felt he would adopt at some point. The pictures in his head were of a wife and five kids, but sometimes God has other plans.

A friend of his kept nudging him to start his family now. Harper kept saying that he was waiting to find a wife first. The friend convinced him to at least have a consultation with someone from an adoption agency. The meeting went well, and he shared that he was interested in adoption, just not right away.

One day Harper received a call from the agency. They had a birth mother who was due to give birth in three weeks. She already had a 20-month old and felt she could not adequately care for another child. He believes God was on the phone with them that day.

Hill was at the hospital when Pierce was born. He was even allowed to cut the umbilical cord. The event was very surreal. Prior to that day he had never changed a diaper. He learned quickly, as parents often do. Harper says he completely understands why God meant parenting as a two-person job. He has plenty of people in his support system, though, who help out. He has family, friends, doctors, other caregivers, and even some people he barely knows. Harper knew breastfeeding was the best option for Pierce, so he received donations of breastmilk from a friend’s mom circle.

While the number of single moms choosing to adopt is on the rise, only 3% of adoptions are by single dads. Hill says if you feel the instinct to adopt, then you should do it regardless of your relationship status. That child needs you.