When we decided to adopt, we had no clue where to start. We knew our local Department of Family and Children Services was an option, but we knew there had to be other resources out there so we could find the best match for us as parents and so the child could have the parents he or she most deserved as compatible with his/her needs.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, you may find these tips helpful:

  • If adopting with a spouse/partner, talk about what gender child and what age is right for your family. An agency or even other adoptive parents or organizations can help you with this decision.
  • Attend an adoption seminar for informational purposes. We attended one on international adoption which directly leads to us adopting the wonderful daughter we have today.
  • Talk to your local or state Family and Children Services. You may decide to go directly to adoption—or foster first and then move towards adoption if you find it is right for you.
  • Consider whether or not domestic or international adoption is right for you. Bear in mind costs, time factors, travel requirements, restrictions, etc.
  • Speak with reputable adoption lawyers, agencies, and child advocates who can assist with matching you with expectant mothers if you decide you want a newborn. Take into account what costs you may be expected to cover.
  • Speak with other adoptive families, organizations, family lawyers, even schools, and try networking, in general, to get any leads you may not have considered. Use the internet, too, but be wary of scams and be discerning about whatever information you may find out in cyberspace. Go to well-known, reputable sites to explore leads before attempting to branch off into other lesser-known resources.
  • Most of all, gather all the credible information you can and explore all options before deciding on what’s best for you and your potential new family.

*The key is to GATHER CREDIBLE INFORMATION from multiple vetted sources and to ENJOY THE PROCESS!  After all, only you and your spouse/partner know what is right for your family.*



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