I Was Adopted – 5 Things I Want You to Know

But I am still human, just like you.

Tom Andriola July 24, 2015

I was adopted. That does not automatically make me lucky, and it doesn’t automatically put me in debt to anyone. I am still a human being, just like everyone else, and my circumstances don’t change that in any way. We are all dealt a hand when we are born, and our fates are not in our control as we wind our way through the experience of childhood. Now that I am an adult, I can reflect back on where I came from, and I often do. And as an adoptee, I appreciate it when others understand what it’s like—here are five things I want them to know:

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Tom Andriola

Tom Andriola advocates for adoptee rights and shares his personal experiences about being adopted and his successful, independent search for both biological parents. To see more of his writing, visit Tom's Facebook page.

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