I decided to become an advocate for Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders once I got my diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome at age 34. I have written articles on my journey to my diagnosis, been a speaker at conferences, and recently decided to take my experiences and put them into a You Tube video. I thought what better way to discuss my journey with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and characteristics of an FASD than to put it into pictures and set it to music?

I hope to reach multiple audiences with this video. I am hopeful that doctors and educators will watch it and decide to educate themselves about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Education of family, teachers, doctors and friends is key for success with those living with an FASD. With education comes understanding, and I am hopeful this video will educate society. Those with an FASD are not stupid, they are not hopeless. They are bright people, but their futures depend on your understanding of this organic brain disorder. Please watch this video, learn about our silly quirks, and choose to educate those around you.

Thank you, and enjoy the video!

Rebecca Tillou