What’s it like wanting children, but being unable to get pregnant for eight years? Well, for Danizza and Tim Hymas, it’s actually pretty exciting. Three years ago, they began the process of growing their family through foster care. With a desire to adopt a sibling group, they have searched and searched … and now the search is over.

The couple will soon become a family of seven, with their five new children, all in one sibling group. While going through the process of adopting this group through foster care form another state, they were told there are actually two more children in that family who may soon become adoptable. Are they willing to take those two as well? Absolutely!

The Hymas couple has not gone into this with closed eyes. They are very well aware that these children will need special care and a lot of love. Tim will continue in his career to support his family while Danizza will leave her job and become a full-time stay at home mom. Knowing that a lot of changes will need to be made, including a vehicle with enough seats for everyone, friends of the family have set up a GoFundMe account.

The world is grateful for good people like Tim and Danizza and we, at Adoption.com, wish them all the best!

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