Since it’s been a year since our adoption of our three little ones became final, I thought it was an apt time to post a “meet the family” article. And what better time to do that than a Love Thursday on Thanksgiving? We’re thankful.

Our oldest is Pepper. She’s 15. She’s an artist, a gourmet cook, smart as a whip, and an amazing wordsmith. Both she and Sunshine came to us through traditional open adoption. We had three adoptions fall through before we got Pepper; in one case after the baby was already in our arms. The first time I laid eyes on Pepper, I fell in love. I was so worried that I would not love the baby. She was asleep and her little eyes made perfect half circles and she was half-smiling. Such a blessing.

Next comes Sunshine. She is 13. Sh an accomplished pianist, a guitarist, and a really fine singer. She has two loves: music and softball. She’s a good shortstop and an even better batter. Her birth mother has come in and out of our lives. After an absence of several years, she came back in a couple years ago. It was both good for Sunshine and very hard on her; she is struggling with it all right now.

A few years back, we decided to do foster care. We’d always said we would, and the time was right. When the three Littles came in February of 2009, we never dreamed they would get to stay. We’d had three short-term placements prior to them. But stay they did, and we adopted them on National Adoption Day (November 19) in 2010. Here’s the crew:

The Captain is 4-1/2, so named because it was very clear he was in charge, even though he could not speak. He and his sister had been placed together formerly, and he saw it as his responsibility to look after her. He is a sweet and solemn boy who loves to have a job.

Tinker or “The Tink” is 3-1/2. She is a fun-loving party girl who loves to get into things– hence, the name. She tinkers all day, every day. She is a girly girl who loves make-up, dress-up and hair-dos. She is a very sweet and also very sassy bundle of joy.

Finally we have the Blitz. He learned to crawl at 10 months, shortly after he arrived here. Since, his joy comes from systematically emptying every box, drawer, or basket he encounters. At 2-1/2 he is the most articulate of the three and says some hilariously funny stuff. He is at the age of tantrums, but even so, his inner sweetness shines through.

That’s the Fab Five. They have all my dreams come true, and on this second full-family Thanksgiving, I am indeed grateful.