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Hollywood fans are following newly married couple Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux as they turn to adoption to begin a family.

In the past, Jennifer has been outspoken against those who have accused her of being selfish for not having children. Many have made the assumption that because her career has thrived, she has chosen career over family. Though we may not know the reasons Jen hasn’t become a mother yet, we do know that she is working towards the joy of nurturing a child through adoption. Rumors of adoption for the couple began in October of 2015, claiming Jen hoped to begin her family with a daughter.

The news has spread that Jen and Justin have turned to friend Sandra Bullock to help them navigate the red tape and paperwork of adoption. Sandra has succeeded in adding to her family twice through adoption. Son Louis and daughter Laila bring fun and happiness into the Bullock household. Although Sandra is a strong advocate for foster care and adoption through foster care, it remains to be seen just what type of adoption Jennifer and Justin are going to pursue.

An unidentified insider source stated, “Sandra’s been guiding Jen and Justin through the adoption process and helping them get over many of the hurdles they’ve faced already. She has been a huge support to them.  Jen had come to terms with the fact that having children may not happen for her, but now it’s finally happening, she can’t wait to finally become a mother.”