Adoption often receives negative attention in the news.  Therefore, it is always refreshing when a star deflects a negative story with a positive story. Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren Akins are two of these stars.

Lauren had always had a heart for adoption. Lauren’s mother was adopted, so Lauren was very familiar with the blessings of adoption. She was also very involved with orphanages overseas,  and that was where she met her future daughter.  On a trip, when she was doing work in Uganda, Lauren met Willa Gray. She knew immediately that Willa was meant to be a part of their family.

While Lauren and Thomas struggled with infertility, they always knew they wanted adoption to be one avenue of starting their family. In May 2017 they welcomed Willa Grey officially into their family. Surprisingly to Lauren and Thomas, during the adoption process they became pregnant, and just two months after adopting Willa, they welcomed Ada James.

They described both of their children as miracles and enjoy having them so close in age. Lauren told US Magazine, “As hard as it is having the two of them so close together, it’s also amazing.”

There are many ways for interested families to get more information about international adoption. One very helpful resource  is guides. This site provides information that guides families into the best path for them in their adoption journey.  There are also many other resources available which provide international adoption information, including specific country information, a directory of agencies for families to work with, and photo listings of waiting children.

International adoption may be a calling for many families. It is important, though, to research the country, the culture, and its beliefs, so families make the best decision for themselves and their future children. Lauren stated it perfectly, “It just started as this calling in my life, to speak to these children who don’t have a voice. This is what I was really here to do. It lined up perfectly with my heart.”