There’s new celebrity adoption news from America’s favorite Mean Girl. Actress Lindsay Lohan spoke with The Mail about her time visiting with Syrian refugees. The visit impacted her so much the actress is saying she will adopt her first child.

In her interview with The Mail, Lohan says, “I’ll adopt my first child. I’ve spent time with Syrian refugees in Turkey, and it made me realize how much I love kids. I just want to save them.” Lohan, now 32, has visited multiple times with Syrian refugee children in Turkey, and her experience had an obvious impact.

Fans have noticed that the actress has not been in the spotlight as of late. Lohan has been known to travel quite extensively, now exclusively splitting her time between Dubai and Greece. She says she will never go back to the US, largely because of the paparazzi.

Lohan discussed her absence as quoted by Metro News stating, “I used to suffer from terrible anxiety because of the paparazzi,’ she said. ‘When I have anxiety attacks, my chest gets really tight, I can’t breathe and I start having palpitations. ‘It has been reported that I never go back to the US, but I do go back for work and to see my mum and sister. ‘I am close to my mum, although I haven’t seen my dad in a while. I have no plans to live there again.’

If Lohan does choose to adopt sooner rather than later, she may do so as a single mom. Lohan most recently broke off her engagement with Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov noting about the breakup, “My last relationship feels very much in my past.

What made me leave it? Looking in the mirror and realizing what I was missing out on by being stuck in a toxic situation. I didn’t know how to get out of it but eventually, I had the courage to walk away, and that’s when things changed.”

We will have to wait and see what Lindsay does next. Her inspiration from her visits with Syrian refugee children seems to have changed her perspectives quite significantly. It seems her next act is certain to be an exciting journey!