There has been much talk about Saroo Brierly, the young Indian boy adopted to an Australian couple after losing his way and ending up thousands of miles from home. The true story, turned big-screen, has been tenderly received.  And not just by critics, but by adopted orphans from India living all over the world. Lion inspires another adoptee every day. Such is the case of Theresa Godly.

Lion Inspires Another Adoptee

The movie, Lion, has given her the encouragement to search out her own roots. Having discovered some truths already, (her mother was widowed and forced to live on the streets) she is getting past the idea she was simply not wanted, and coming to accept the truth that her mother loved her. Theresa will soon be visiting Kolkata with a documentary team following her as she seeks to meet up with members of her birth family.

How many thousands of adoptees—touched by Saroo’s story—will now have long-questioned feelings resolved? As one shares, many will benefit.