Well, I think it’s official. I think The Blitz needs a new name: “Love Bug.” He still is capable of inflicting serious damage in any room without notice, but he is also capable of so much love and joy. Three is a quirky age.

The Blitz is given to tantrums of late, and sometimes these shake my patience to the foundation. How do you deal with someone who has inexplicably started screaming and thrown themselves on the floor. Ignoring him was not working; it was definitely making things worse. That makes perfect sense; he’s a smart kid, he knows we can hear and see him, so ignoring him just made him mad as heck. Now I am squatting down and saying in a quiet voice, “I can see you’re upset. Please go to your room until you feel better!” That is, that’s what I do when I am not out of patience, in which case I point to his room and say, “Go.” Both ways work, but the first sits easier with me!

Nonetheless, he is also an affable, chatty, and loving boy. He is tiny– size two is still really roomy on him– and light for his age, so he gets picked up more than most 3-year-olds. This has led to him remaining a cuddly boy. He still needs a fair amount of “holding time” each day. But he is independent in most ways, potty trained and sitting on the “big toi-yet.” He does not want to wear pull-ups at night but does to appease me. After our vacation, I will risk underwear at night.

On The Blitz’s birthday, his older sister made him a cake shaped like a dog. It looked like one of our dogs and was super cute. When Dear Hubby started to cut a leg off for the birthday boy’s piece of cake, he had a fit. “Don’t cut my poor dog,” he cried! Eventually he let us talk him into it but, as he himself would say, “That was a close one!”

He is adorable, articulate, fun, funny and a downright handful. And we simply love him to pieces. Happy birthday, Love Bug!