It’s “Love Thursday.” I thought I was going to write a post about how my older daughters embraced our Littles when they first arrived at our house, but that is a story that will have to wait. We have breaking news!

The adoptive family who was selected for Puddin’ has made the brave decision to become a “foster-adopt” family so they can take her sooner on legal risk. There have been a few legal delays and obstacles, and it looks like it will be several more weeks before she is technically free to adopt. So they thought it over and realized they were willing to take the chance.

It’s perfect that this happened on “Love Thursday.” We have a sweet photo of several members of our household, and I love it. We are such a mixed bag around here– and Puddin’ has added her own sweetness to the mix. We love her to death but are absolutely thrilled that she is going home soon to her forever family. We will have a few days of transition and then she will go home; and soon she’ll have her own beautiful photos with her forever mommy and daddy.

We have some transitions to make ourselves. I notice I feel a little protective of her. I got teary-eyed as she took the social workers’ dolls to explain to me that she was getting a “real” mommy and daddy. We talked about how she would have her own little room with her very own bed. While she visited with the worker, I explained to the Littles that in a few days, she’d be getting her own “forever mommy and daddy.” My 2-year-old said, “She take her baby?” I explained that she would not be leaving today, but when she did go, she would take her clothes and her dolly and all her things. “Okay,” she said matter-of-factly; “She love dat baby.” I asked our four-year-old what he felt. He had such a sad face. I wondered if he was happy she would get her very own mommy and daddy. He said, “That good. But I miss her.”

We will all miss her. Dearly. And right now, the news is so thrilling, all we can do is dance. There will be time for crying later.