Thought by many to be an angel, Maine resident Doreen Farrington has been a foster parent for 31 years. In that time she has had more than 600 children in her care, adopting 8 of them. She is doing her part, and calls on other residents of Maine to open their homes to these children who need love and care.

There are currently nearly 2,000 children in foster care in Maine, with 500 of them hoping to be adopted. Those 500 are children who will not be reunited with their biological families, and if no one steps in to give them a home, will age out of the system and be on their own.

There are currently 1,300 licensed foster homes in the state, but many of those homes are physically distant from the children in need. Because of this, DHHS is asking for more individuals and families to become licensed to provide homes for their foster children and youth.