Foster Care parents and families play a very important role in our society. These selfless families commit their time, resources, and love to provide a safe home for children that are placed in foster care. There is a large shortage of foster parents across the country.

May is National Foster Care Month, a time set aside, honor these families, and show them appreciation. Events are held across the country in honor of foster families and those assisting in the foster care program. CBS Denver honored foster families by hosting a family day. Families could play games, jump in inflatable bounce houses, and have fun as a family. Denver honored five foster families for their hard work and dedication.

Becoming a foster family requires a large commitment. When a family decides to foster, they are committing to provide for the needs of the child/children, offer a safe and loving environment, take children to appointments with their agency, and, in some cases, appointments with their biological families. Foster parents give the children unconditional love regardless of whether or not they receive any love back. Many of the children in foster care have experienced abuse or neglect, have had to move from home to home, and possibly school to school; they are struggling emotionally.

There are many resources that inform about and promote National Foster Care Month. has keynote messages regarding the need and importance of foster care families, there are images that can be used in social media to advertise National Foster Care Month, letters to share to publicize National Foster Care Month, and pins you can purchase to wear and show your support of National Foster Care Month.

Foster Families can be undervalued and underappreciated. Hopefully this month, dedication to foster care will raise awareness about the importance of foster families and the overwhelming need for foster families across the country.