Many adults often have a negative image of teenagers: their view is the stereotype of acting up too often, having too many attitudes, and experimenting with drugs or sex. They think that teenagers would rather hang out with friends than complete homework and usually do not want to be seen with their parents. But, 15-year-old Bre’Anna is not your average teenager, she cannot wait to have a forever family and for parents that she can share her life and love with.

Meet Bre’Anna, a 15-year-old from Texas, is this week’s Wednesday Child. While many teenagers do not know what they want to do as an adult, Bre’Anna is very passionate about a career in cosmetology. She loves doing hair, nails, and makeup and making others feel beautiful. As Bre’Anna stated, “I just feel like everybody’s beautiful in their own way.”

While her long-term goals are in cosmetology, she is presently in high school with her favorite subjects being math and reading. Bre’Anna is looking to find a forever family and a home that will give her the help, support, and advice that all teenagers need. She states, “we could talk and we could tell each other how our day was going. It’s really important to get stuff off your chest.”

Many children like Bre’Anna do not get viewed and have a harder time getting adopted because of their age. Bre’Anna and too many other children need to have the opportunity and love of a permanent, forever family, experiencing their forever home, a forever loving life.

Bre’Anna is wanting a lasting relationship with a lasting family, not a foster family. There are no fees to adopt from foster care in Texas. Additional information about waiting children and photo listings can be found here. Bre’Anna stated, “if you have a family, you always have someone that’s there for you, and I just want a fresh start.”