Hope Local is a faith-based program that brings together vulnerable children and hopeful adoptive families. Their goal in building a forever family for different children, they believe, is a call that they answer through “advocation initiatives and training for local faith-based organizations.”

Monica is a sweet 15-year-old girl with a heart full of love. She is ready to meet her forever family and share that love with those who will take her in as their own.

Monica loves animals, sports, helping others. She has big dreams of going to college and serving others in her career path. More than anything, though, she has hopes of embracing a forever family who will respect and support her as she plans to respect and support them. Monica pictures a home full of brothers and sisters and parents who can spend quality time with her. She has always wanted to go get her nails done with her mom and play basketball with her dad. Although she can be shy at first, Monica is ready to give her whole heart to a family that is ready to adopt her.

Monica | Hope Now | Hope Local

Just like many children in the foster system, Monica has faced the disappointment of rejection before. She asks for the prayers and support of others and tells Hope Now, “Having a [forever] family would mean everything to me.” If you are eligible to adopt and would like to learn more about Monica’s story, you can visit the Hope Local website.

For more information about adopting Monica email chelsea@hopelocal.com or visit hopelocal.com/hope-now.


There are many children like Monica in the foster system who are in search of a forever family. If you have ever considered opening your home to one of these children, learn more about foster care and foster adoption. Adopting an older child can be an extremely rewarding experience. The love within your home will only be multiplied as you open your doors and your hearts to a teen like Monica.