Broadcast on the TV Show, Today, is Anita, an adoptive mother who talks about her traumatic experience. She adopted little “D” and truly loved him. But the bonding never took place.  Because she wants the best life he can possibly have, and found that she wasn’t being able to provide it, Anita disrupted the adoption. She “gave him back.”

While seeking professional help to establish a connection, she also realized that bonding is a two-way street. Not only did “D’s” past keep him from attaching, Anita also was not attaching to “D.”

There was no specific problem—it was just over-all, not bonding. Anita knew she would not be able to provide the very best life for him, and also knew that he deserved it. To Anita, this was an act of love—giving “D” a chance for his best life.