What makes a good movie script? Real people performing real acts of love?  The upcoming film “Mook” is an example of this, a police officer from Pittsburgh who five years ago adopted two boys who were living in a truck.

Jack, the police officer, is now working with producer Jack Magill to turn his real life story into a movie. His adopted sons are also looking forward to the movie because they hope it will raise awareness of the needs of the many children living on the street, without a home. Their experiences and the conditions that they lived under will be revealed. They are hoping the movie will be released in 2018.

It is hard to comprehend children living on the street, but unfortunately, it does happen. Too often, adoption centers only around younger children, while there are many, many older children who need to be adopted as well.

This script sounds like a wonderful story and awesome movie. I think this movie will display older child adoption in a positive light and increase awareness of older children waiting to be adopted, a group that is often harder to place. There are negative connotations about older child adoptions and we need stories like this to change the stereotypes. Let us see the reality behind this movie.

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