Singer/Songwriter Amanda Williams performs “Nobody’s Child” in this beautiful video advocating for permanent homes for foster children. Set to touching music, the pictures and lyrics showcase the need for love:

I’m not a bad kid
I’ve done nothing wrong
But I’m a sad kid
With no place to call home
I’ve been living in
This lonely room
And I’ve been praying
For someone to choose me

Cause they all want a baby
Not a twelve year old girl
They think I’m too old
To fit into their worlds
I wish they’d take the time
Bet they’d change their minds

I’m nobody child
All alone and thrown away
Just a file
In a social worker’s case
I’m not the only one, there’s so many like me
All we need is a place to grow in a loving family
Until that day
I’m nobody’s child

I’m a math whiz
I like to laugh and have fun
I love to play with friends
I just wish I had some
But it’s hard when
You move around
From house to house
And town to town

Cause the last foster home
Only kept me three months
And now I’m stuck in this place
With so many of us
Forgotten ones
But I’m not giving up

Hush, little baby, don’t say a word,
Mama’s going to buy you a mockingbird.

“Nobody’s Child” by Amanda Williams – Keesy Timmer – Steve Clark
© 2008. Hillbilly Culture (SESAC) / Hillbilly Cash (BMI) – Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp.
Used By Permission. All Rights Reserved.