In a circus-themed celebration with rides, clowns, balloons, face-painters and circus performers, more than 750 people gathered before the adoption proceedings in Ontario on Adoption Day.  The Sun reported that at this year’s event 89 children legally joined their forever families!  Roughly half of those children are age three and under, with the oldest child being age 16.  Twenty-eight of these children were adopted by family members, and 18 of the families adopted sibling groups.

There were lots of tears and joyful sounds as families were joined in the courtrooms.  Judge Christopher Marshall handed each adopted child a teddy bear after signing the papers.

Speaking to the group of happy adoptive families and adoptees was motivational speaker, Jen Bricker.  Born in Romania without legs, Jen was abandoned and later adopted by Sharon and Gerald Bricker.  She was raised as her brothers were–knowing life has no limits.  Jen has become an accomplished athlete in many areas, including acrobatics. She told the group at this celebration that her adoption was a blessing in every way.