We submitted our profile and went live September 2015. We averaged about 2 contacts per month, all of which seemed legitimate, but nothing felt quite right.  Three months later, we were contacted by a birth mother from our same hometown.  We happened to be home for the holidays and were able to meet her.

scott and katieAlthough going into that meeting was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences, we had an instant connection. She had been given dozens of referrals to adoptive families but felt she should look on Adoption.com where our profile popped up first on Extreme Exposure. Two months later, our son was born.

As we spent the weekend with her and her parents in the hospital, we were able to compare stories and the timeline of it all. There is no question we were led to find each other. We used to be skeptical of open adoption, but now we can’t imagine a life without our son’s birth mother in it. He will grow up knowing about her incredibly selfless decision to place him and she will forever be a part of our family.

When we share our adoption story, people are usually amazed that it only took five months from the time our profile went live to having our son in our arms. They ask what our secret is or if we paid an expensive agency to match us. We tell them we paid a minimal amount to have an online profile promoted on adoption.com.

While we believe in divine intervention, we can’t say enough about how important it is to put hours and hours upfront into your adoption.com profile.  And then put time into it every single day after that to maintain it. We truly wish and think everyone could have a great experience like we did.