Santa and his crew joined together to celebrate Christmas with 350 foster parents and children in Palm Springs. This was the 11th year the county held such an event.  Of course with Santa came bags of gifts, entertainment, and lots and lots of fun.

The Desert Sun was on hand to capture some of the excitement as well as record the foster stories of hope, heartache, and love. Noting that every foster and adoptive story is different, representatives of the Family Health and Support Network also acknowledged that there is common hurt and common hope.

The Family Health and Support Network was established in 2003 with the purpose of helping foster children become successful. This is accomplished through placing these children in safe, loving homes as well as providing needed services to these children, their foster parents, and other caregivers. They hope to attract foster families who have strong commitments to children and who share their hopes in bringing each child closer to a successful future.

The full story about their holiday celebration may be read online.