Akiva from Pennsylvania

Statewide Adoption Network Pennsylvania Adoption Exchange

  • Age13
  • GenderM
  • LocationPennsylvania
  • Case #C35AA43
Akiva is an active young man who loves to be on-the-go and out and about! He has an athletic side and would really like to participate in afterschool activities as well as join a team, especially so he can make friends. Akiva loves playing football, basketball, swimming, and soccer. His favorite season is summer, because not only can he do these activities, but there's so many other endless possibilities to stay active. When it comes to watching sports, Akiva is a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Penguins, and New York Yankees! Akiva wants families to know more about him, including many of his interests. Akiva will admit that he will listen to a variety of music, but rap music is his favorite. Skrillex is his favorite band. His favorite color is purple and he enjoys drawing. He hasn't done a lot of different art activities but when he does try them, he typically enjoys them. Like most kids his age, Akiva loves video games and was so excited to finally get a new DS for his birthday this year. Akiva's favorite foods are chicken alfredo and buffalo style pizza. For a snack or dessert, Akiva has a sweet tooth and loves to eat chocolate cake or any sour candy. Akiva likes school with his favorite subject being math but gym is definitely the highlight of his day! Akiva says his grades are pretty good even though he isn't really into spelling or language arts. Akiva's teachers report that he is doing well in school with remarks that he has, "excellent work habits," and that he is, "motivated and responsible." Akiva has begun reconnecting with some family members, including his brother and grandmother, whom he had lost contact. It will be vital to maintain these separate connections. He also has other family members whom he wants to make sure they're ok from time to time. Akiva needs a family who will honor, appreciate, and understand these connections with contact and potentially visits. His new forever family and his past connections will both be important in his life. Akiva is ready to share his kind heart with a family and to finally feel what it's like to have a sense of belonging. He loves helping others and wants to be in a home where he can be involved. Akiva likes to be given opportunities where he can be an assistant and that he is making a difference. One of his greatest strengths is his determination. When he puts his mind towards something, he is truly capable of great things! Akiva wants a family who will respect his fear of spiders, after all it's a fear that many people can relate to! He would like a family who he can run errands with, go out to eat with, go on vacation with, have movie night with, try go-cart riding, bowling - "ANYTHING!" He has even expressed an interest in joining boy scouts but needs to have a family first. Akiva says he doesn't care if his forever family lives in the country or closer to a city. He would love to have siblings to look up to, but he also wouldn't mind having some time where he could be the primary focus for a while! He would like to have a dad or a strong role model who will take time to be involved with him. Akiva wants a family who won't give-up on him the first, second or, even third time he gets in trouble. He wants to know that a family will keep their promise to love him, forgive him, and help him overcome all of life's obstacles so they can build their future together. Akiva is legally free for adoption. If interested in learning more about Akiva, contact his recruiter, Marian at kolcunm@diakon.org.
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