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Remedios from Texas



from Texas

Remedios loves to play with her Barbies and all her other dolls too. She also enjoys playing games on her IPAD and watching TV. One of her favorite movies is Encanto. She enjoys having toys and clothes with the Encanto theme. Remedios looks forward to trips to the park with her siblings. When she plays at the park, she loves to play on the swings and the slide. Remedios loves pizza and hot dogs. Some of her favorite fruits are strawberries, grapes, and apples. She doesn't like vegetables. Remedios is a good helper at home, and she is always ready to help her foster parents. She cleans her room and puts her clean clothes away. She likes to take baths, and she makes her bed before going to school. Remedios gets along well with her brothers. She is always looking out for them. Her favorite color is pink, and she loves shopping for pink colored outfits, although sometimes she will also want blue outfits.

Remedios, Francisco, and Joshua like to play "patty cake" together. The siblings enjoy going to the park together and playing on the swings and slide. The siblings also like to play board games with each other. They all look forward to spending time together during their visits. The children all favor each other, with Remedios being the tallest of the three. Although the siblings look alike, they don't like the same food or all of the same activities. Francisco is picky about what he eats, and Remedios will eat just about anything. Remedios and Francisco like to play together, but Joshua prefers to play alone. All three children are helpful in completing chores. All three also enjoy helping around the home and picking up after themselves.

Remedios' forever family will be one who will offer a routine and structured home environment as she thrives on routine. An active family who has lots of energy will be a good fit for Remedios. Her family will offer unconditional love and patience. The ideal family will be one that will spend individual time with her.

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